MING Promotion as the first inventor of Mobile LED in Indonesia

In 2018, we launched a new product of highly innovative outdoor advertising media. We start to introduce Mobile LED-based technology as a state-of-the-art advertising medium. Ad’s performance is more flexible, attractive, and align with the lifestyle of modern society. Our commitment is to continue growing and innovate a new buzz as well as a pioneer of creative advertising media companies in Indonesia.

Mobile LED is distinctive and advantageous for advertising purposes.

Mobile LED is the only advertising service which able to move directly towards your targeted market and can be customized according to your needs. Mobile LED has been operating on all major roads in the Jakarta area and soon be coming in all urban areas in Indonesia. Mobile LEDs also offer a more interesting impressive ad since it can see from 3 different sides. Therefore, the target market can see them in all directions. From those three sides, you can maximize the summarize of important information, so that all your target market needed information conveyed.

Mobile LED exclusive Branding

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Mobile LED 3D Anamorphic