Our Products

Our goal is to increase the impact of brand campaigns through technological innovation and to increase brand engagement with their target market

Mobile LED

Mobile LED is the only advertising service that is able to move directly towards your targeted market and has three sides of a screen. The audience can see your campaign from any direction on the streets.

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Build more engagement on the street with ADSMAN. Reach more specific areas and customize branding possibilities.   



Videotron offers interesting and informative ads. Video ads are considered more effective in increasing the target market you want to achieve.



We provide a strategic spot and location for Billboard so that it can easy to note by your targeted market. The right placement, of course, will lead to more viewers. It also provides in many sizes according to your needs.

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Mall Branding

We can also help to realize the advertising needs inside the mall. We provide various Mall Brandings services such as Parapet, Shop Sign, Elevator, Escalator, Standing Box, Hanging Box, and other creative brand media.